The valley once ruled itself, lush and thick —

Humankind came and found great solace in this place, planting crop and vine. Slowly they etched away at these thick and impenetrable blankets.

But the blankets will always engulf — surging outwards on a different path in time.

These images were made in a series of wooded walks alongside small streams that have become enveloped by a suburban sprawl. In comparison to the persistent ebb and flow of the city that surrounds them, these natural spaces seem at first glance to be monolithic and immutable. However, upon closer inspection, they reveal a stillness that is always in motion, in a passage of time that seems parallel to our own but propels forward just as rapidly. This series of images seeks to engage with the idea of ‘moving stillness’ in this sprawling and expanding abundance of natural flora, which exists in perpetual opposition to the colonisation of urbanity. Precariously balanced on the brink of engulfment, yet set to be the inevitable victor in the short-lived skirmish that is humanity.

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